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noisy-windfarms-reviewAre windfarms “torture farms”?

wind turbine syndromeProfessor Alun Evans, from the Centre of Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast, is a leader into the research of ‘wind turbine syndrome’ – symptoms include sleep deprivation, anxiety, nausea and physical conditions such as vertigo. Last year he co-authored an editorial in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) arguing that “a large body of evidence now exists to suggest that wind turbines disturb sleep and impair health at distances and external noise levels that are permitted in most jurisdictions”.


The consultant’s realistic images are now available on WDDC website. These images were taken in the height of summer with full leaf cover. During the winter they would only reveal even more of the said turbines.

The images you need to compare are the 75mm lens. I am told that this is the closest to what the eye would perceive.  As you can see the 50mm lens shows the turbines to be further away and also appear to be smaller.

We will attempt to show all the relevant visualisation documents below in document viewers. We have reproduced the visualisation documents below to make viewing easier, than on the WDDC site. We hope!

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Introduction and Methodology

Download (PDF, 1.6MB)

Viewpoint 1 – Woodbury Hill Fort

Download (PDF, 3.91MB)

Viewpoint 2 – Weatherby Castle Fort

Download (PDF, 4.26MB)

Viewpoint 3 – Milborne St Andrew Bridleway

Download (PDF, 4.26MB)

Viewpoint 4 – St Andrew Churchyard, Milborne St Andrew

Download (PDF, 3.29MB)

Viewpoint 5 – Crawthorne – Milborne Wood Prow

Download (PDF, 3.44MB)

Viewpoint 6 – Dewlish Park (Dorset AONB)

Download (PDF, 3.74MB)

Viewpoint 7 – The Old Manor Puddletown

Download (PDF, 3.78MB)

Viewpoint 8 – Athelhampton House

Download (PDF, 7.49MB)

Viewpoint 8b – Athelhampton House

Download (PDF, 7.49MB)

Viewpoint 9 – Southover, Tolpuddle

Download (PDF, 3.95MB)

Viewpoint 10 – Affpuddle – West End Farm Bridleway

Download (PDF, 3.2MB)

Viewpoint 11 – Affpuddle – Church of St Laurence

Download (PDF, 4MB)

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Review

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)

Oliver Letwin MP                    Objects
Bob Walter    MP                    Objects
Richard Drax  MP                   Objects
MOD                                     Objects
Dorset AONB  Partnership      Objects
Cranborne Chase AONB         Objects
CPRE                                    Objects
Winterboune Whitechurch PC Objects
Milborne St Andrew PC           Objects
Puddletown Area PC              Objects
Thomas Hardy Society            Objects
Nationally Acclaimed  Expert   Objects
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