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In August of 2012, West Dorset was hit by the revelation that West Coast Energy, a company based in N. Wales was proposing to impose 10 (now reduced to 9) giant wind turbines upon Hardy’s much written about landscape. Immediately, a group of locals from the affected villages got together to form an opposition group named TAINT (Tolpuddle Against INdusrial Turbines) With support from all the local MP’s the campaign has gone from strength to strength. At present we have 400 registered members who are opposed to this particular development. An application followed in January of 2013 which outlined the siting of 9 turbines 126.5m tall, along the ridge running E-W between Bere Regis and Puddletown. There are 1168 comments on West Dorset’s website with all but a handful objecting to this proposal mainly siting “Too Big, Too Many and Too Close to communities”. Map of the original 9 turbine locations

Tolpuddle Wind Turbine Locations

Tolpuddle Wind Turbine Locations

See the Visible Distances of these turbines – HERE

(11Mb PDF Download)

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Wind turbines visible distances. Click to see download PDF version 11 Mb PDF Download

separator image - graphic This giant wind farm will be bounded by Areas of Outstanding Beauty on all sides and placed on some of the highest points in the whole of Dorset.  Consequently, the structures will be on view for up to 35 km as far away as Bournemouth, Isle of Purbeck and Portland as well as many places in between. The massive wind turbines will also be visible from a host of listed buildings, parks and gardens that are the jewels set within the crown of the stunning unspoilt countryside of Dorset and its wider surroundings; many parts of the county will have the wind turbines as a backdrop for the proposed 25 years. The visual impact on this part the Dorset will be colossal; once it becomes ‘damaged goods’ the precedent will be set, most likely prompting wind farm developers to descend on other areas. In a rush to appear ‘green’ councils throughout the country are being bombarded with applications. Another proposal is being mooted for the Charminster area, north of Dorchester, as developers rush to reap millions in government subsidies before the folly is realised and the gravy train is derailed. The rest of the TAINT website contains a wealth of broader information including videos, slide shows and articles, plus the very latest relevant news in the media; please take the time to wander around and visit regularly for updates. You may wish to become a member of TAINT, a simple process which is free, details below. separator image - graphic

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