Tolpuddle Against Industrial Turbines LATEST NEWS

Tolpuddle Against Industrial Turbines LATEST NEWS

Dear Member

This year’s AGM is at Tolpuddle Village Hall on Tuesday 8th December to commence at 7.30 pm. We will have a short meeting to conclude all outstanding business and to say our ‘Thank You’s’ for support received.

This will be the last public meeting of the Wind Farm campaign but Taint will continue as a constitutional organisation for another 12 months. We as a committee are committed to a fund raiser at Waterston in latter part of June 2016, to raise funds for CPRE.
Why CPRE? They have supported all local campaigns, including ours, both financially, with their vast experience and also their technical advice when we most needed it.

We hope that we can count on your usual patronage for our exclusive event held at the beautiful Waterston Manor. Our thanks once again are due to Katharine Butler for her kind permission to hold this event.


October Newsletter October 2016

We are now into the 4th year in our existence as Taint. I have been struggling to find copy for this latest newsletter.

All that has happened is the government’s bill to reduce the wind farm subsidies has been sent back by their Lordships. Apart from these two items I am struggling to pad out further.

We met last night to decide on this year’s AGM date. It is to be held on Tuesday 8th Dec @ 7.30pm in Tolpuddle Village Hall.

Finally, there is one other thing Patrick Cooke our local councillor who has been working behind the scenes on our behalf sent me the following email:

“Dear All

You will be as pleased as I am that this application has now been withdrawn by the applicant – clearly now in the knowledge that it would not be granted.

There is no further period for any appeal or change of mind.

A fresh application would need to be made with an appropriate fee.

kind regards


Cllr Patrick Cooke 

[Puddletown Ward]

West Dorset District Council 


Hip Hip Hooray!

The hard work has been worth all the effort.

Thank You, to all of you for your continued support over the extended period of this campaign.

Only last night the committee had to chip in money to pay an outstanding invoice.

On a fund raising note we decided last night before this news to hold a fund raiser at Waterston Manor in June in aid of the CPRE who have supported local campaigns like ours aimed at the protection of the countryside.


Please see the newsletter as sent in PDF format below

Tolpuddle Against Industrial Turbines LATEST NEWS

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  1. Richard Slocock
    Chairman TAINT

    Dear Richard,

    I have just read the splendid news in today’s BVM. Many congratulations on seeing off West Coast Energy!

    It is especially encouraging that WCE are citing government policy as the reason for pulling their application; this will hopefully deter other onshore wind turbine developers. Now all we need is for Broadview Energy to withdraw their Charminster application and we will have succeeded in keeping Dorset wind turbine free.

    Many congratulations to you and to all members of TAINT, from all of us at SOS.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Williams
    Chairman Save Our Silton

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